Delivering a stable stream of dividends to our shareholders over the long-term

Providing permanent capital with a balance growth/yield
Investing in a diversified sector base to benefit from secular trends
Leveraging on a stable and solid shareholders’ base to ensure long-term value  creation

Our Profile

Athena’s current activities include operation of renewable energy plants.

Reports & Presentations

April 24, 2018

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting is held every year in Copenhagen in due time for the audited and adopted annual report to be submitted to the Danish Business Authority.

Our Portfolio

Athena’s portfolio of renewable energy plants are located throughout Italy and Spain

Environment Protection 2017

Clean energy gross production of 434.366 MWh in 2017 equals:

Power consumption of families in 1 year


Saving of barrels of oil:


Emission saving of tons of CO2: