The history of Athena is a long story of a company

It spent its younger years as a local savings bank and later as an investment bank. In 1998, it changed its name into Greentech and started focusing on operating renewable energy projects.
In 2017, the Company changed its name into Athena and expanded its company objects in order to broaden the future business platform.


Athena’s current activities include operation of renewable energy plants and his Focus is on two technologies: 

Wind power and Solar power

Athena’s current activities are located throughout Italy and Spain.

Athena intends to expand its business platform to comprise other complementary or independent activities through minority or majority investments.


Athena aims to deliver a stable stream of dividends to its shareholders over
the long-term based on three strategic pillars.

Providing permanent capital with a balance growth/yield

Investing in a diversified sector base to benefit from secular trends

Leveraging on a stable and solid shareholders’ base to ensure long-term value creation

Competitive Strengths

Diversification of activities
Athena’s portfolio is currently composed of wind and solar assets in order to balance the industrial performance and reduce risk.

Strong shareholder base
The shareholders’ base is composed of strong institutional investors with long-term investment strategy, such as:
> GWM RE II, an industrial holding company
> SDP RAIF – Genesis (former GWM SIF – Genesis), a Luxembourgish fund that invests in a diversified range of asset classes. Among these, it is exposed to renewable energy IPPs.
Skilled and efficient Corporate team
Athena’s activities are managed by very experienced and committed employees who are constantly improving the performance of the assets and the efficency of the internal control and processes.