Company Announcement No.


Monthly Update for December 2018


  • In December 2018, the total wind production was 13% higher than estimates.
  • In particular, due to good wind conditions, production generated was above budget in Italy while below budget in Spain.
  • Net wind production year-to-date was 4% lower than budget and in line with the same period last year.


  • In December 2018, the total solar production was 18% higher than budget.
  • In particular, the irradiation was higher than expected both in Italy and Spain.
  • Net solar production year-to-date was slightly lower than estimates and lower than the same period last year (-9%).


In 2018, Athena’s wind and solar assets have delivered a combined production slightly lower than the Outlook announced in the Annual Report for 2017, primarily due to the less favourable and unstable wind and solar conditions in Italy and Spain during the year.