Peter Høstgaard Jensen

Chairman of the Board of Directors from October 2010 – April 2018 and re-elected in November 2018

Deputy chairman of the Board of Directors from April 2018 – November 2018

Born in 1945

Nationality: Danish

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and Business

Competencies of special relevance to Athena:
Energy, power distribution

Other executive functions/directorships:
Aalborg Energie Technik A/S (Chairman)
Clean Solutions Forum for Grøn Systemeksport (Chairman)
Crestwing ApS (Chairman)
CWC Biofuels ApS (Chairman)
Biofuels Frederikshavn A/S (Board member)
Biofuels Vordingborg A/S (Board member)
Nordenergie A/S (Board member)
Xergi A/S (Board member)
Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S (Board member)
Norsk Miljøkraft AS (Board member)

CEO and Group President of Elsam A/S until 2005
Chairman of the utilities’ environmental Board
Ministry of Finance’s R&D Board
UNIPEDE’s environmental committee
Eurelectric’s committee on Energy Policy and Generation
President for WEC Danmark
Nørresundby Bank
Vorstand der VGB Power Tech
Dansk Industri: Board and Committee
Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening (Vice Chairman)
Danske Energi- og Forsyningsselskabers Arbejdsgiverforening (Chairman)

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen is considered as an independent Board member.